Numatic George Vacuum Cleaner Review

The George Hoover vacuum cleaner is an obvious indication of precisely how ambitious Numatic happens to be through the years. Even with the accomplishment of other Henry Hoover, they’ve nevertheless remained focused and relentless in their attempts to bring us the best vacuum cleaner.

Though George Hoover might not be flawless, it can take a complete brand new perspective to vacuum cleaning. George isn’t the typical Numatic cleaner of yours as it surpasses the majority of the brothers of its in terminology of the range of work it is able to do.

George is usually described as an all purpose or even an all in one vacuum cleaner as well as carpet cleaner, and also after looking over this George hoover review you will notice that you will not need other cleansing system when he is around


  • Powerful motor to cope with dry and wet messes
  • A lot of tools and attachments for each kind of dry or wet cleaning job
  • Multi-function – dried up vacuuming, clean up spills, unblock drains


  • Bulky and heavy, can be hard to manoeuvre and store
  • No cable rewind function
  • Overview Of George Hoover All-In-One

George does everything. This vacuum cleaner may be used for damp vacuuming, carpet cleaning, scrubbing floors, drying floors, dry vacuuming, upholstery cleaning and sink unblocking.

Unlike the counterpart James of its, George includes a metal-based cleaning head rather than a clear plastic-based head. This highly boosts the performance of its.
George includes a selection of parts along with tools. This’s clear given all of the work it’s designed to do.

On purchase, you are going to get the next tools:

  • A dusting brush
  • An all-purpose nozzle where you are able to slide a removable brush
  • An adapter piece
  • Two metal tubes of somewhat different sizes
  • A metallic handle
  • Two transparent nozzles with yellow fittings in the front
  • A difficult floor laundering nozzle with firm brushes
  • Two hoses for wet and dry cleaning
  • A crevice tool plus some extra dust bags
  • George Hoover Review: Features
  • George comes with two distinct hoses, one for damp vacuuming and yet another for dry vacuuming. The one used for dried out vacuuming is shorter. It’s essentially shorter than the people Henry comes with.

It, nonetheless, does a great job of removing particles from the floor. The damp hose-pipe is significantly longer and features another feel to it. It’s in a position to remove any liquid and coffee stains substances from the floor with ease.

George has an upholstery tool that does a wonderfully good job in cleaning off dirt from car carpets and seats as well. The handheld tool is well-built to make certain you get a good performance from it.

The capacities for wet and dry cleansing are different. For dried out you obtain a dust capacity of fifteen litres and for damp cleaning, you’ve a 9 litre capacity. These capacities are very amazing. They’re able to survive for a very long time before you’ve to perform an alternative.

This vacuum cleaner includes two switches as well as an attached handle on the head of its. One switch is utilized for the pump as well as the additional one is utilized to drive the suction motor.
The inside of George has a mesh filter along with a thoroughly clean water tank. The filtration sits within the water tank, each of that are removable.

The thoroughly clean water tank features a handle so you are able to bring it to the sink of yours to seal it with water for damp cleaning. The vacuum cleaner’s bucket is everything that remains if you take out these 2. This particular bucket has four wheels connected to it, 2 in the back and 2 at the front.

Other Key Features

  • It does all. This’s possibly the best aspect of George. It is able to do dry and wet vacuuming, shampoo the carpet of yours, shampoo the stairs of yours and wash the car seats of yours. It doesn’t restrict you to a single function. And also this means you don’t need to incur a lot more costs in buying other vacuum cleaners.
  • It’s powerful suction. Numatic does put a great deal of effort in conditions of ensuring the products of theirs have powerful suction. This’s because much more suction power equals cleaner floors. George has a mighty motor which guarantees it performs at its finest whether it’s doing dry vacuuming or maybe damp vacuuming.
  • It’s simple to set up. George has a pictured illustration on how you can make use of it. It’s likewise simple to use since its elements are much much like the Henry Hoover that most individuals are acquainted with.
  • It’s simple to switch from dried out to wet mode. Since George includes two hoses, you don’t need to hold out for the damp hose to dry out so you are able to recycle it as a dried out hose. After you’re completed with one vacuuming procedure, you are able to remove the hose and rapidly change it with the opposite hose. This helps to ensure that your vacuuming goes smoothly & quicker.
  • The cable is lengthy. This implies you do not need to disconnect it all of the time while cleaning the kitchen. You are able to clean a significant area of the home with it plugged in a single position.
  • It’s quite long-lasting.

The George hoover design has existed for over fifteen years now and while Numatic has introduced a more recent model of George, the earlier one nevertheless functions just as great. This proves exactly how much work the manufacturer has devoted to ensuring the longevity of theirs.
It’s a big water container. The massive water tank ensures you can vacuum the room of yours without always being forced to refill and get rid of the water.
The characteristics it comes with are really worth the price of its. George is an all in one vacuum cleaner and it is still not overpriced. Given the price of its, I would say it is well worth every penny.