Henry Xtra

The Henry Xtrais Numatic’s effort at an improvement on the very popular Henry Hoover. There are several major extra capabilities that assist the Xtra to stand out as a stylish choice on the Henry Hoover assortment, but those additions do arrive at a cost.

At around £50 more costly compared to the standard Henry, this particular Henry Xtra review should simply help you determine whether the Xtra is very worth the expense.

 Henry Xtra vs Henry Hoover (Key Differences)

  • Whilst the Henry Xtra and also the Henry Hoover share some similarities, the Xtra comes with several major extra capabilities that easily justify its extra cost.
  • The Henry Xtra is with 2 extra flooring heads – the AiroBrush along with a designated difficult floor brush.
  • AiroBrushThe AiroBrush is a professional floor mind which is wonderful for taking on pet hairs and detaching hard grime and debris from carpets.
  • In case you or anybody in the household suffers from allergies, this’s the brush which will help you eliminate as much debris and dust from your domestic space. This distinctive floor top too includes the Harry Hoover, Numatic’s specialized pet vacuum on the Henry Hoover range. So if stubborn hairs or pet hairs are blocking up the carpets, the AiroBrush is a great weapon to have in such situations.
  • Besides the AiroBrush, the Xtra has its own hard floor brush that you have guessed it, is good for cleaning all those harder surfaces. What this means is you’ve extra, specialist flooring heads for cleansing equally hard floors and carpets if you choose the Henry Xtra.
  • The other notable distinction between the 2 vacuums would be that the Henry Xtra is much more energy-efficient. With merely a 580W motor when compared with Henry’s 620W, you will be giving much less of a carbon footprint when working with the Xtra than utilizing the standard Henry. But that does not mean the Xtra is any less amazing.


Numatic has made great advances with both vacuums to make sure they’re best within the EU’s conformity amounts, but have not compromised effectiveness as a result. The Xtra is one-speed hoover so there’s absolutely no low or high option, but its individual toughness is more and powerful and versatile enough to clean both cold hard floors and carpets.

Although not massively apparent, the Xtra can also be somewhat heavier compared to the Henry, an additional 0.5kg to be exact. Whilst this does not appear much, it is good to state you will find lighter vacuums on the industry, which does imply that the Xtra is not the simplest vacuum to go all over the house. Like the Henry, the Xtra is a relatively bulky hoover that makes the likes of stair washing tougher than it might be.

Henry Xtra Accessories

In accessory to the AiroBrush and difficult flooring comb, the Henry Xtrahas customisable add ons accessories which will enable you to to get an answer for nearly every cleaning task you are able to think of.

Just like the regular Henry Hoover, the Xtra has

  • 2 extension nozzles,
  • an upholstery nozzle,
  • plus the regular combination tool.
  • The vacuum too includes a stainless steel tubing set that is provided for longevity and eventually, uninterrupted and reliable more cleaning down the road. The steel tubes are a small match and also do not slip off so there is absolutely no demand for suction clips.

Some other accessories add a slim crevice tool that is beneficial for removing dirt from small spaces, in addition to a selection of smaller sized dusting brushes. There is additionally a handy tool adapter, and that tends to make it easy for equipment being attached straight to the vacuum hose instead of onto the curved tubing bend.


As well as particles sacks,  the Henry Xtra has an enhanced TriTex filtering process that does a good job of eliminating dust particles. Nevertheless, it does not remove different types of allergens so in case you need a filter which can, the Xtra would not be probably the most appropriate choice. This particular filtration is great at sucking up dust particles as well as stopping them from getting pushed back to the atmosphere. it is also nice and quick to access, so It is not hard to spot when it must be cleaned.

Sack/ Dirty bag

In terms of sacks, the Henry Xtra has a sizable 9L capacity and that means that you dont have to keep emptying it very often.

Like nearly all Numatic vacuums, the Xtra has 4 dust bags which ought to last you a few weeks. Rather than reuse the dust bags it is better to make use of substitutes, and these may be sourced really inexpensively from the likes of Amazon.

When a bag is complete and must be emptied, it is easy and nice to do. Simply unclip the high, lift out the purifier and eliminate the dust bag, before changing with a brand new body.

The bags are the brand new HepaFlo bags, that are truly powerful and never produced from paper like the older style bags. They’re a great deal safer which helps to guarantee that dirt and debris doesn’t escape, similar to the air filter.

General Appearance

  • Henry Xtra: Appearance, as well as design Beyond the extra floorheads and attachments, the Henry Xtra is very like the standard Henry Hoover. Like Henry, the Xtra is black and red and features a smiling face which is associated with vacuums through the Numatic range.
  • The Xtra features a 10m long cable finish with a rewind feature, that may be saved neatly after use and also guarantees the cable does not enter the manner. Besides the cable is a 2.4m lengthy conical hose, that further boosts the cleaning radius and hence the general usability. The versatility makes it very easy to reach awkward places with no lots of work, which means you do not have to continue unplugging and relocating the device as you move all over the house. The simple fact that the garden hose is conical is a good extra, as it takes elevated suction because of enhanced airflow.
  • The Henry Xtra is backed by 2 castors and 2 fixed wheels, which helps manoeuvrability that is available as he’s some over the large side.
  • In terms of sound, the Xtra is substantially quieter in comparison with tons of cylinder vacuums on the industry. His minimal wattage motor keeps the noise level of his down to 74.4 decibels, which means you should not need to shout over him when speaking.

Henry Xtra: Verdict

Henry Xtra difficult flooring brushSo is the Henry Xtra worth the additional funds when compared with the standard Henry? In case you’ve pets in the home of yours then the Answer is most likely yes. The extra AiroBrush floor top is really worth the weight of its in yellow and can do a much better job at getting some of those annoying pet hairs than Henry the Hoover. When you do not have pets, you are not receiving a good deal more with the Xtra. It can additionally has an extra hard floor top, but apart from it is not very different on the Henry.

The Henry Xtra is now an excellent vacuum in the own right of its, but in the opinion of ours in case you are selecting between the Henry and Xtra it is just truly well worth the extra expense in case you’ve pets that leave persistent pet hair within the house.

The primary downside with the Xtra is it is pretty weighty without perfect vacuum for cleansing stairs, though it comes with most advantages. These have a big dust bag capacity, good suction power on both cold hard floors and floor coverings, a compact layout and a selection of performance enhancing attachments that help make a comprehensive clean.