Henry Hoover HVR160 vs Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

Numatic and Dyson are 2 of probably the longest standing and well known hoover companies in the UK and for very good reason. Both manufacture high quality, sturdy vacuum cleaners with great technological advancements.


Henry is Numatic’s most popular machine – over thirty years of age, and Dyson’s been making Ball vacuums for over a decade. So how does the Henry Hoover HVR160 vs Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor compare against one?


Numatic’s very little family members of hoovers is a staple in British households and also workplaces for several years. They are also noted for producing exceptionally durable products, and Henry’s friendly face continues to be in existence since the early 1980s (the more recent types provide changes, of course).


Basically, the 160 is a far more small model of the Henry 200. This specific cleaner is a practical and affordable solution to the typical home’s cleaning must have. It includes a very long power cable, easy maintenance, and large dirt capacity.


Dyson is a respected manufacturer and we imagine just great products from them – and also the Light Ball does not disappoint. The very first Light Ball was produced higher than a decade before, and the Multi Floor includes exactly the same fundamental look with a few improvements.


The Light Ball Multi Floor is Dyson’s least expensive upright choice, plus it is really effective – featuring an A class energy performance score and also a 700W motor. It is a reaction to the EU’s brand new ban on vacuum cleaners that will exceed 900W if the prior limit was 1600W.


Henry vs Dyson Performance Comparison (The case of Henry Hoover HVR160 vs Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor)

Henry’s cleaning capabilities are incredibly enjoyable. The combi floor tool comes with a switch that is going to allow you to quickly clean both hard floors and carpets, even though the crevice tool allows you to achieve under furniture and in corners that are small.

It works efficiently (Energy performance class A), quietly, and also cleanses very well without needing several passes.


The compact style tends to make this particular small vacuum cleaner quite manoeuvrable and also quick to deal with – significantly less bulky than the predecessor of his.

The Multi Floor features a well-thought-out style and will change between hard floors as well as carpets without breaking a sweat. Or perhaps rather, without you being forced to transition between extensions and settings. It is not difficult to take care of, but when dealing with extended cleaning up tasks, you might find your wrist tires.

Concerning suction power

Concerning suction power, it includes much more than sufficient to clear out grime from both hard floors & carpeting in one pass. It is going to pick up debris with no snow ploughing something but was not created to clean up really thick pet hair with no some getting tangled. Here, the Dyson Light Ball Animal is going to come in handier.

Henry Hoover Features

Six LITRE BIN & DISPOSABLE BAGS Henry’s capability helps to ensure that frequent emptying is not a need. While he may be used bagless, it is advised to make use of Numatic’s uniquely designed Henry bags. They’re disposable and self-seal, to lock up all of the dust and then debris tightly. Replacements are inexpensive enough as well as will not leave you of pocket.

As cylinder vacuums go, the Henry HVR 160 is really simple to clean up. Simply unclip the high, lift out the TriFlex filter, and change the dust bin. Using bags rather than a bin also decrease the chance of spilling soil everywhere.

As cylinder vacuums go, the Henry HVR 160 is really simple to clean up. Simply unclip the high, lift out the TriFlex filter, and change the dust bin. Using bags rather than a bin also decrease the chance of spilling soil everywhere.


The Henry HVR160 takes all of the most effective elements of the 200 and also locks them up in a tight, lightweight package. It is not difficult to tag along when you clean, and storage is not a problem.

Long 10 m cable length and flexilble hose Because the cable enables a great deal of leeway, you are able to go around the home and also will surely need to locate a brand new outlet twice or once. Additionally, it has a rewind system.

The flexible hose is great for those difficult to reach out locations, which includes underneath furniture, tight corners & crevices, along with any other uncomfortable places.


Henry has a multitude of instruments to help make each cleaning expedition as simple as you can and, get this: onboard storage is featured by him to hold all of those tools accessible for wherever and whenever you require them:

Stair application with velour strips to remove dirt and hair from stairs

Combination application – a two-in-one application which includes a comb and wide nozzle

Reach-under tool

Henry Vs Dyson – Cons and pros



  • It works quietly
  • Little, making it so easy to manoeuvre
  • Long power cord causes it to be very easy to move around
  • The disposable bags are pain-free to eliminate, completely clean and replace
  • Versatile toolkit with simple to swap out parts


  • Not good at getting a lot of pet hair
  • Many might find him too bulky to very easily store

Dyson 455665 Light Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum



  • Very manoeuvrable
  • Outstanding performance on every floor types
  • Fairly quiet
  • is minimized by bagless technology allergies
  • Simple to empty & clean


  • Has problems reaching under furniture
  • All of the accessories will not fit onboard
  • No cable rewind


Henry Vs Dyson: Final Thoughts

Right now there you’ve it. Both the Henry Hoover Bagged Cylinder Vacuum cleaner and also the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor are great cleaners.

The Henry has far more bin capacity & versatility; while the Multi Floor is a far better all surface cleaner. To conclude, the choice of yours is going to depend on your household’s requirements.