Best Henry Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Henry is a genuine British classic. Many folks believe that there’s simply a type of Henry Hoover, but in fact, you will find numerous. Continue reading to discover more.

Henry Hoover Hvr160 – Best Henry Hoover Overall

This is the very first Henry Hoover that we’re looking at is the traditional, Numatic Henry HVR160. This’s the newest model of Henry and is much more lightweight compared to it’s much larger predecessor, the HVR200.

At a little under hundred pounds, this’s the cheapest Henry Hoover as well as the model that I’d guess many people look at. Needless to say, it has that traditional Henry design. I mean how could you not like this?

Solid Build Quality

You constantly hear about precisely how Henry hoovers are designed to last. When you take Henry from the package you are going to be extremely impressed at how good he feels. You are able to tell instantly that he’s wonderfully made.

The top of the vacuum is good. It’s a simple to wear (and exceptionally classic) button you are able to flip. The idea here’s you’ve the brushes down when you’re spending on the hardwood flooring.

Additional Long Power Cable and Hose

One thing people like about Henry is the very long hose. It’s kind of love you’re vacuuming up things with the nose of his, that I realize is a little strange, though it’s something that many appear to actually like.

The Numatic Henry Hoover additionally includes a pretty long power cable with all the thought being you are able to do an entire area or perhaps more without needing to alter power sockets.

Henry even includes a group of tools to create your life a lot easier. The upholstery brush is quite fantastic for vacuuming the sofas. This tool even works fantastic on the curtains as well as beds.

The crevice tool is excellent. Henry currently has a great deal of hose and also you are able to place the crevice tool on so you are able to get under the sofas, tables as well as get right up into the sides of the home.

You’ll be surprised at what you are able to utilize this particular crevice tool for. Additionally, it has a gentle dusting brush which you are able to utilize for areas that are a bit more delicate.

Huge Capacity Bags With Smart Filtration

Today, this particular Henry does require bags to collect what you’re vacuuming up. Nevertheless, the types of bags used are extremely large capacity and also they’ve an intelligent purification system to safeguard your health.

After the bag is complete it’s as simple as opening the high up, taking out the bag, tossing it within the bin and placing a brand new body in. They’ve made it as simple as they can. While you might not love the thought of utilizing a bagged vacuum cleaner in this particular era, I am able to say that these bags hold a lot more waste than bagless vacuums.


  • Sturdy build quality – the UK’s most dependable vacuum cleaner
  • Large dust capacity which is up to 5x bigger than a bagless vacuum
  • Good filtration with self seal dust bags to secure in the dirt


  • Takes up far more storage space than an upright or cordless
  • Can be hard to manoeuvre in spaces that are small


– Best Budget HENRY Hetty Hoover is Henry’s little daughter, and she’s as well known as her legendary brother. The Hetty HET160 could be the replacement for the larger Hetty HET200, and that is not manufactured.

While it might be smaller compared to the predecessor of her, Hetty still has a 6 litre bag capacity, that is up to five times more than almost all bagless vacuums. She’s a lot easier to handle due to the reduced size and takes up a lot less space when it involves storing her.

Like Henry, Hetty Hoover features a sealed program so that no dust escapes back again in to the area, and that is fantastic in case you’re an allergy sufferer. The bags are not hard to empty, and then no dust escapes during the emptying procedure, unlike many bagless vacuums.

Thus, the key question that everybody usually asks – “what is the big difference between Hetty?” and Henry

The solution is definitely the colour. Hetty has the exact same functions and impressive suction as Henry, the one difference in case she is available in a beautiful red colour.

In case you’re contemplating purchasing a Henry hoover but want him to become a little much more girly, then Hetty Hoover is the vacuum for you.


  • Sturdy build quality – the Uk ‘s most dependable vacuum cleaner
  • Large dust capacity which is up to 5x bigger than a bagless vacuum
  • Good filtration with self seal dust bags to secure in the dirt


  • Takes up far more storage space than an upright or cordless
  • Can be hard to manoeuvre in spaces that are small


– Best CORDLESS HENRY Before I was sent the army of Henry vacuum cleaning solutions, I did the own little bit of mine of investigation in respect to what’s the very best Henry Hoover and this also Henry Cordless vacuum cleaner came up time and time again.

At just a little more than 200 pounds, this particular Henry design is quite a little more costly compared to its little brother. Nevertheless, this particular Henry is an extremely brilliant blend of the items which made the initial Henry very popular as well as modern cordless technology so you actually are getting the very best of both worlds with these.

Designed To deal with Carpet And Wooden FLOORS

The accessory package which will come with this particular model of Henry is equivalent to the other one. Though only one point I forgot to point out before was all of these extras clip to Henry and they’re really simple to clip on as well as off.

I like the upholstery tool and discovered that it really cleaned the sofas of mine better than some other much more costly brand of vacuum cleaning solutions. Curtains, the beds as well as anything you are able to think of could be cleaned with this particular tool.

The crevice tool is excellent as it lets you enter all those nooks and crannies that the standard head can’t. Finally, but not least is a far more fine brush you are able to apply to buy the dust of items as ornaments and also the Tv device that had been what I really used it for which worked as a charm.

Two Batteries FOR As much as sixty Minutes OF Cleaning Time This specific Henry is cordless it comes with 2 batteries. These provide you with thirty minutes of run time within the lo mode and also twenty minutes of run time within the hi mode. That’s right, you’ve 2 modes. I discovered that going through it on hi mode the entire time is right.

They provide you with 2 batteries and they’re really simple to exchange in and out so you’ve much more than time that is enough to try the vacuum on hi mode the entire time.

The quantity of waste that the Henry Cordless is able to deal with is crazy. Directly on the package, it claims that it is able to manage almost as ten times the quantity of mess that several other models may!

They love you to utilize these great Hepa Flo bags that prevent all of inside was trapped by the mess and when they’re complete, that has ages by how as when I was testing this specific out there for some time I never ever needed to modify the bag one time.

When complete, you’re taking it out there and just dump it within the bin. You won’t ever have to be concerned about touching the mess or maybe it coming up in the face of yours whenever you eliminate the bag.

I know the sale price of Henry Cordless is a bit higher compared to its counterpart. Nevertheless, the reality that it’s cordless does provide you with a great deal more independence.


  • Cordless convenience with as much as thirty minutes work time per battery / two batteries = sixty minutes
  • Large dust capacity which is up to 10x bigger than some other cordless vacuums
  • Good filtration with self seal dust bags to secure in the dirt


  • Suction isn’t as strong as corded Henry, though it also does a great job
  • Not as flexible as any other cordless vacuums

HARRY HOOVER HHR200: Best Henry Hoover For Pets

– Best HENRY FOR Pets Harry Hoover is just about the most famous vacuum of the Henry family, and that is right down to the reality that he’s especially created for homes with pets. While Hetty and Henry are excellent all rounders, they do not match Harry with regards to coping with pet hair and also odours.

Harry has the majority of the same options that come with Henry, with the additional benefit of extras that are specially made to make the life of yours much easier in case you’ve pets. He’s exactly the same wonderful suction as Henry and also offers the cord rewind feature that is essential for many individuals.

He’s bigger compared to the Hetty and Henry 160 models and has a nine Litre dust capacity. This makes Harry among the biggest cylinder vacuums on the bags and the market actually do not have to be transformed that often, helping you save money and time.


Among the capabilities which sets Harry Hoover beyond his siblings stands out as the HairoBrush. This’s a turbo head which excels at getting pet hair from deeper in the mats fibres. Additionally, it is effective on hard floors including tile and laminate. When you do not have a great deal of carpets then Harry may be utilized with one of the conventional cleaning heads.

Another cause pet owners like Harry is he has a charcoal filtration system as standard. Charcoal absorbs pet odours and also prevents the smell from returning into the room of yours. The charcoal filter also prevents some odours from relaxing in the bag, creating a smell each time you make use of the vacuum.

Harry HHR200 is certainly the best option in case you live in a house with pets. The blend of regular Henry amenities and additional resources to fight pet hair and also odours creates a really satisfying household.


  • All of the functions of Henry with additional extras for combating pet hair
  • HairoBrush attachment is among the very best pet hair cleansing heads on the market
  • MicroFresh filter has activated charcoal for taking out pet odours


  • No Hepa filter
  • The powerful suction and weight that is heavy is able to help make it uncomfortable to use at first

CHARLES Wet And Dry CVC370

The very last one we’re checking out in the Henry range will be the Numatic Charles Wet & Dry. And so as you are able to see we’re currently managing Charles who I’m assuming is Henry’s brother. Charles is a lot larger compared to Henry in the level department.

He still has that well-made and solid feel the 2 Henry models do however. As this’s both a dry and wet vac you might feel the price is rather high, though it’s really under £150 and that is very affordable.

More potent motor wattage FOR more power

The Numatic Charles Wet plus Dry vacuum cleaner has a great deal of energy behind it as they’ve employed somewhat of a much stronger motor in here. I, obviously, started with the fundamentals that are the family room as well as the hallway.

As it’s an element of the Henry family, the top on the vacuum has that button you are able to flip which means you are able to go from brush down to clean up. As I’ve stated prior to the concept here’s that a person is perfect for hardwood as well as the various other carpet, though I see them both useful.

It, obviously, has a whole lot of resources that you can work with. These include exactly the same crevice tool and mild brush application that another Henry models are available with. However as this’s both a wet and dry vac it also has additional hoses, a much larger vacuum head and an unique hose that’s there for all those wet messes.

In total, you’re obtaining everything you potentially have to not merely tidy up the common mess, but such things as the washing machine spilling, the sink overflowing and many other spills that may become stains with no Charles there to assist you.


I really used the stormy vac mode to cleanse the rear of the automobile and I was satisfied with how simple it was.

Long Power cable and on board storage

The Numatic Charles Wet plus Dry vacuum cleaner also offers a pleasant very long power cable so you are able to find all around the building.

What I appreciated about this was that i actually needed to try it out there over the garage floors and I did this without plugging it into the energy socket we’ve in the car port and I managed going directly from the hallway to the garage area that had been excellent.

After you’re finished the power cable rolls right back in and also needless to say there’s also room on Charles to have those specific tools great as well as secure. The thought is Charles takes up only a small amount room as is possible and is as handy to wear as can be.

A large and nice canister is used as well as like another Henry models, this uses disposable bags, though there’s the choice to purchase a reusable cloth bag in case you don’t mind having to wash it out.

The filtration process is excellent in common, though the manner in which it seals all of the dust inside the bag would mean it never gets spat out that is fantastic in case you’ve dust allergic reactions like me.

You opened up Henry, remove the total bag then set up a brand new body. It’s very very simple and it is able to store a good deal of mess even before you have to worry about replacing the bag. Naturally, with regards to utilizing it in wet mode, you simply load it up then pour it all out there when it’s becoming complete.

I’ve to be truthful and also state that a wet vac isn’t a thing I will get a load of use out of, but as this’s only slightly more costly compared to the conventional Henry, the Numatic Charles Wet and Dry vacuum is excellent value for some money. It’s a whole lot of applications you are able to work with, is not hard to use and provides years of use.



  • Powerful engine to cope with dry and wet messes
  • A lot of tools and attachments for each kind of dry or wet cleaning job
  • Multi-function – dried up vacuuming, clean up spills, unblock drains


  • Switching from dried out to wet cleansing takes some being accustomed to
  • No cable rewind function

GEORGE GVE370 – Best Dry and Wet Henry Hoover

The is an element of the wet and also dry selection of vacuums by Numatic. It’s costlier compared to Charles, though it’s far more functions which really is an all-in-one cleaning machine.


For a start, it’s a tremendous fifteen Litre dried up capacity, that is reduced to (still huge) nine litres when turning it into a wet vacuum. The George excels at getting wet and dry messes, and it’s simple to transition between the 2 works.


While George GVE370 is great at getting dried out grime and debris, exactly where he truly stands out is his damp capabilities. He is able to be useful for cleaning up spills, drying floors after cleaning, drying and washing upholstery, plus he may also unblock drains.


George has a power rating more than 1000W, making him better than almost all Numatic vacuums. This’s because of the extremely effective Twin Flo bypass vacuum motor plus Powerflo pump system, giving George good energy to tidy up perhaps the most difficult spills.


George Hoover also includes a number of accessories, like a floor scrubber and removal tools. If you would like an all-in-one cleaner that will not let you down, this’s the Henry vacuum for you personally.


  • Powerful engine to cope with dry and wet messes
  • A lot of tools and attachments for each kind of dry or wet cleaning job
  • Multi-function – dried up vacuuming, clean up spills, unblock drains


  • Switching from dried out to wet cleansing takes some being accustomed to
  • No cable rewind function

Little things To Learn about The Henry Range

Best Henry Hoover – We have checked out the most well-liked types in the Henry range with a view of uncovering the causes of their popularity.


Contemporary TECHNOLOGY

While Henry will usually have that cheeky grin as will the majority of the Henry clan, the science that drives these vacuums is constantly changing with the occasions.


Thus while it’s so easy to believe that simply since appears exactly the same as it did a decade before, the reality is they’ve upgraded basically each and every facet of the vacuum to allow it to be as good and powerful at its role as is possible.


Henry, Charles, Hetty and also the majority of the gang are much more hi-tech than the cute appearance of theirs suggests. At present, the Henry vacuum cleaning solutions are run by a remarkable Twin Flo two stage, 1200 w expert motor.

BAGGED Feature is simple but effective

Even though many vacuum cleaners are moving from having bags, Henry vacuum cleaning solutions favor the traditional bagged method.


They suggest this as simple to accomplish as you can and because of what size the Henry canisters are the bags that they could utilize can easily store a great deal of mess. Also as a result of how these bags are produced, most of the mess remains right inside.

Bags Affordable

Among the items that place a number of people of obtaining a bagged vacuum cleaner will be the notion of being forced to purchase bags. Bags are not near as costly as you’d think. You can buy a pack of twenty Hepa Flo Henry bags for well under twenty pounds!

These’re the genuine Henry hand bags so that you are able to buy more affordable non branded types, but these ones are created with keeping all of the particles in the container. With just how much mess these bags hold, twenty bags are going to last you an extremely, long time.

HENRY is Quite Durable

Henry vacuum cleaners are impressing individuals since the early’ 80s and odds are that an individual your grandma used if you have been a child nonetheless works to this particular day.

I don’t know the process or the technology with the method in which these motors and also insides are made. Though I do understand which one of several elements they actually pride themselves on is making vacuum cleaning solutions which provide the person many, years of use.

Henry is lightweight so can may be dragged effetely all around the building.

It includes all of the accessories you’ll actually want (so complete majority of the family) of his and they have that very lengthy power cable which allows you to vacuum all over a floor of your property without needing to alter power sockets every single 2 minutes.

They’ve cleverly created their vacuum cleaners so they make cleaning much less of a hassle.

It’s Easy to Entice Kids to Clean Using Henry

The vacuum that I’ve been using in my house is a recognized manufacturer and in case I requested my eldest to vacuum I will be checked out in disgust and horror and more than likely asked for a minimum of 5 pounds!

Nevertheless, Henry looks very cool and adorable that kids like him! This’s exactly what you have to encourage the children to undertake vacuuming as only one of their careers across the home.

I understand this for a fact since my children had been really arguing at some point over who got to make use of Charles to thoroughly clean the back room!

In Comparison With Other Brands Henry is Inexpensive

In comparison to any other vacuum cleaner makes, the Henry selection is really inexpensive.

Henry HVR160 is presently the least expensive Henry Hoover, plus it may be bought for £200 – £300 under the price pf the likes Dysons or even Sharks. Henrys are also famous for lasting more than ten years, therefore they’re extremely economical vacuum cleaners.